Monday, September 24, 2012

Popham Megameet

The August Popham Megameent is now well established in the calendar. An informal ride-in show with club and trade stands. There are a couple of marquees but it is mostly outdoors and has on a few occasions in the  past fallen foul to the vagaries of the English summer. This year, despite the majority of the summer being an absolute stinker weather-wise, the gods smiled and Popham was blessed with glorious sunshine. The combination of motorcycles and aeroplanes at a good old fashioned enthusiast aerodrome is a winner and throughout the day numerous flying machines dropped by, many of them vintage and even a gyrocopter amongst their number. Here's a few photos from machines that caught the eye.. 
Open frame three speeder Scott.

Lovely unrestored dohc MV Augusta race bike.

Detail from a Moto Rumi 'Gentleman'.

Someone got a drill for Christmas! Probably seemed like
a good idea at the time and must have saved at least 50
grammes! A bit of a restorer's dilemma but personally I'd
leave this Moto Rumi Tipo Sport just as it is.

BSA A10 plunger Gold Flash mildly bobbed and with an M20
front end grafted on. Looks very right but probably handles
and brakes worst than original!

Home brewed v-twin special badged up as 'The Indomitable
Jackson'. AJS engine and the other components I'm not too
sure. Very nicely put together.

Unrestored Excelsior Roadmaster on the British Two Stroke
Club stand.

Anstey links on an unrestored Ariel Red Hunter that had been
used by a gamekeeper in Surrey for all of its life.

Cracking little Motom 50cc ohv race bike. Enormous finned
sump and probably a very effective noise generating tool.

On loan from the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu this
experimental 1944 Royal Enfield 350 sidevalve twin was made
for military evaluation. In the end they chose the Triumph TRW.

Good to see a very early Royal Enfield Crusader restored to
original spec. RE persisted with single sprung saddles long
after other manufacturers. Particularly strange as they were
the first in there with swinging arm frames post-war.

Side valve Norton Big-Four sidecar tug mated with a very
glamorous Noxal sidecar parked up in the spectators' bike
park area.

Same Norton, different view.

1911 Rudge labelled as probably the ex DC Bolton Brooklands
racing machine.

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