Saturday, October 10, 2020

Isolated mini-adventure

Only a month ago I posted that things seemed to be getting back to some state of normalcy with old bike meets. How wrong I was....

A small band of us meet up every year for a moto camping trip, preferably to continental Europe and with an event as the destination. Despite optimism that a late season excursion might be on the cards it became evident that this was not to be. Rather than give in we determined to meet up somewhere quiet and enjoy a couple of nights away from reality. After all it's ultimately about the ride and the company so all else is insignificant.

As it happens Dan is of good Wiltshire agricultural stock and has family connections with land and barns: so it was that we ended up camping in a field close by the Cotswolds. Not only this but the luxury of a barn to shelter from the rain, for rain it did in spades. 

Given that the journey from home to destination
was only 75 miles I had contemplated taking the
Beesa Bantam to turn it into a bit more of an
adventure. However a rare day without rain found me
re-cementing the patio whilst I could and then needing
something a bit quicker to get there. Having just MOT'd
the Buell and fitted a rack to boot it seemed like a good
chance to check out its touring capabilities. Spoiler -
they are very slight.


Arrival refreshments.

The Buell alongside Matt's Beesa A10 combo and
Dan's faithful Bullet.

A trip out to Kemble Airfield for a very modern

At this point Dan decides to check out
Matt's carpentry skills with a stress test.

Restoration project discovered. A
genuine 'hedge find'.

And ready to go home two days later. That barn
really was a life saver for the rain was certainly
more on than off for the duration of our trip.

Having a mate with a sidecar is a valuable
thing. Not only can they bring the necessaries
they can remove them when it is all over.

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