Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sunbeam Model 80

A great action photo this one, in an unknown race a Sunbeam Model 80 is ahead of a Velocette KTT. Looks like the Sunbeam is a 1929 model. Some nice details, look at the very unusual streamlined nosepiece goggles the Sunbeam pilot is sporting. Several of the spectators are in motorcycling kit and all wear wear hats a la mode of the day.

1929 Sunbeam Model 80.


  1. Those goggles! Surely the purpose is to direct wind to keep the goggles clean, or to actually deflect the air stream full of dirt from below away from the lenses. I wonder if it worked?

    1. Yes, those goggles indeed! Frankly no idea what the purpose is. From experience riding quickly with a pudding basin helemet and goggles is not a lot of fun, both goggles and helemet have a tendency to lift at speed. Maybe it is some sort of aerodynamic device to pin the goggles to the face.
      They do give a little bit more protection to the face from flying debris which must have been a problem back then, but then again if that is the purpose why not a full face mask?
      Maybe someone else reading will have an explanation?