Saturday, June 20, 2020

Cycle touring thirties style

Just to prove there are very few new ideas out there here is a 1930s Midland frame bag fitted to my 1937 Royal Enfield Bullet twin tube. To add to the ensemble is a pair of Chossy panniers from a similar age.

The Enfield is only part way through its restoration but is coming together nicely. I offered up the frame bag and panniers just to see how they looked, I think they compliment the Bullet nicely and will become a feature once restoration is finished. Though the Bullet was marketed as a sports machine it is undoubtedly slightly too sturdy to appeal to the out and out racer and was more of the type of general clubmans machines of the period that were a once size fits all cycle: something you could ride to work on in the week, go out on club rides on at the weekend and even take away for a camping holiday.

Royal Enfield Bullet twin tube bicycle.

Midland bicycle frame bag.

'The Chossy' panniers.

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