Saturday, May 23, 2020

Henderson Streamline KJ

Here's a rare bird to see with a British plate on it, a Henderson Streamline KJ from 1930 or 31. Hard to say when the photo was taken, but it is certain that the bike was already quite venerable. Probably the sixties judging from the van in the background. The bike would have certainly been in enthusiast ownership, perhaps used as powerful sidecar tug or as a mount for vintage events.

I checked out the numberplate and strangely it is now on a Morris car from 1930 that is still on the road.

Just for interest take a look at the huge ribbed front brake, definitely not standard but very useful for hauling up a 100mph bike hitched to a sidecar. Also non standard are the twin headlights (significantly less attractive than the original single light to my eyes) and the friction dampers fitted to the sprung saddle.

Henderson KJ Streamline combination.

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