Monday, May 25, 2020

Cedos Bradshaw and JAP

A pair of Cedos motorcycles in what looks rather like a posed publicicty shot. The near machine is a Bradshaw 350cc ohv engined model. The Bradshaw motor was known as the 'oil boiler' on account of it having an oil cooled barrel (though an air cooled head). Oil boiler sounds like a bit of a derogatory term though I've never heard of it being anything but a good and reliable performer. Not really a huge commercial success, the Bradshaw engine was none-the-less available in a number of offerings from smaller manufacturers and was undoubtedly ahead of its time.

The further machine sports a JAP v-twin motor and is riding on trade plates.

I'm quite intrigued by the lady rider's outfit. It appears to be a bespoke motorcycle suit. The skirt seems to be more like a pair of kurdish style trousers that give the appearance of a skirt but preserve modesty and stop unwelcome drafts to the never regions. Are there any 1920s motorcyle attire experts out there who can enlighten?

A pair of Cedos motorcycles and their dapper pilots.


  1. She can't go very fast in that hat. The female onlooker behind her has a serious pair of goggles on yet wears an ordinary dress. No. 25 on the bike (an event?). Buildings in the background indicate we're at a racing venue? Or, possibly, a beach? Not a tree in sight.

    1. Yes, I think they are rather dressed up for the photograph. I suspect both ladies were riding in the sidecars. I'm often intrigued by early motorcycle headwear - I mean you needed something to stop your hair being blown around annoyingly but there are not many hats will stay on your head at much above 25mph. I can only assume that speeds were kepy very low. Through the twenties only arterial and urban roads would have been tarred meaning that most roads would have been gravelly, muddy, rutted and covered in animal muck and possibly all of these at the same time. Likely obstacles would have been errant pedestrians, horse and carts and wandering livestock. Perhaps 20mph or so was the norm and would have already felt quite rapid given the conditions.
      Definitely taken beach side though, that's a tea room in the background along with beach huts. The scene amply demonstrates the oft bleak experience of the British seaside!

  2. NH is a Northampton reg last issued in 1930,no one notice the V twin is on trade plates yet?As for the ladies,the one in front is wearing ordinary attire for mid 20s, she is wearing long spats or buttoned leggings and a skirt,nothing special, she would be riding in one or other sidecar i reckon. I surmise the lady behind her could be the driver or possibly, as she has goggles, pillion on the V twin, and the other bloke in sidecar, or vice versa. Yes, under 30mph would have been normal road speed back then. Venue? somewhere on east coast,maybe Clacton, 90miles from Northants all that sand suggsets that stretch of the east coast for sure. Racing? no chance,some kind of road event,maybe a pillion trial?