Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Beardmore Precision 1923

A long session on the scanner for this one, but worth it I hope you'll agree. The Beardmore Precision catalogue for 1923.  The front and rear covers are rough but all the content is good.


  1. The bottom line seems to be that you need not take the steel leaf spring that gives the rear wheel some suspension, as models are offered with a fully rigid frame as an alternative. While a creative idea, it looks as though the spring might have made for a more willowy frame?

    1. I'm not rightly sure how good the rear suspension was on these bikes. Even if it was fantastic it was a novelty and the motorcycling public are notoriously conservative. So, even if the rear suspension system was fantastic, I guess they offered the bike without it to satisfy the luddite end of the market!