Thursday, January 9, 2020

Mystery flat tank v twin combo

Here's a challenge for the New Year. A rather tasty v twin flat tank combo from the early twenties, but what is it?

The engine looks like a MAG to me, but beyond that I'm not too sure. At first I thought Matchless but the forks don't match Matchless pattern.

The outfit is nicely accessorised with an electric lighting kit, legshields and handlebar muffs. The gentleman behind is dressed the part too.

If you can identify the bike please do comment or email. Tip - to see a higher quality larger copy of the image right click and open in a new tab.

Mystery v twin flat tank combination.


  1. My money is on Ariel comparing the gearbox, but they all seem to be SV twins not IOE. Looking at the updates onthe bike might it be a home brew?

    1. It's a puzzler isn't it. I'm struggling to identify the engine, as above at first I thought MAG but now I've changed my mind. The exhaust ports are quite unusual and distinctive and I cannot find any european ioe twins that placed the mag infront of the motor. Perhaps as you suggest it is home brewed.

    2. Hello again Ken. You were right first time. It's a MAG-engined Ariel. A chap from Holland identified and sent in a picture. See latest post.
      Cheers, Richard