Friday, January 31, 2020

Early Japanese Police Motorcycle

Another mystery bike photo. All I can say is that it is Japanese and looks to be from the fifties.

Is there anyone knowledgable on early Japanese bikes that can identify the marque? I'm guessing from the chap's uniform and the way the bike is accessorised he is probably a policeman and this is his work mount. The bike looks to be quite American flavoured but is too small to be a Rikuo.

Personally I'm fascinated by early Japanese machines from the days before the big four. They are a whole parallel universe of motorcycling, so many styling cues and engine formats borrowed from European models but mashed up together and subtly changed and in many cases improved.
1950's Japanese Motorcycle Cop.


  1. There's something like a badge on the hat, but no other side of authority. Hat at an angle, shirt not tucked in, no badge or other uniform markings on shirt, no official markings seen on motorcycle. I have trouble believing this is any sort of police officer. But I do agree that early Japanese motorcycles are interesting, especially (to me) the ones that are Brit influenced.

    1. David, you've inspired me to start googling fifties Japanese police uniforms! I would have to agree that this chap is probably not a policeman. I would say the bike is an official machine and he is wearing some sort of uniform rather than leisure wear but what I do not know. Park ranger?! Cheers, Richard