Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Wooler Spring Frame Bicycle

A hearty thank you to David Kenny for sending in this c1920 advert for a Wooler bicycle for publication.

I had never heard that Wooler had any bicycle interests before and this is apparently the only reference to the cycle that David has ever seen. As with many Wooler designs it could well be that it never reached production, or even existed in more than drawing form. John Wooler was an enthusiastic promoter of his designs and was never shy of publicising machines that were only at drawing board stage. I know little about him but it seems that he had a creative mind for two wheel design; many of his designs were mechanically ambitious and expensive to produce and I suppose he derived pleasure from showing the world ideas he had come up with.

I do hope that the Wooler bicycle design was made metal as it is a lovely looking thing. Very characteristically a Wooler with its sliding pillar front and rear suspension. If anyone knows any more of the story of Wooler bicycles please do get in touch.

Advert for the Wooler Spring Frame Bicycle.

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