Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ariel Edwardian Ladies Model

Here's yet another Edwardian ladies bicycle that I parted with recently, this one an Ariel dating from shortly before the First World War.

A fine cycle in very original condition it is noteworthy for the 'figure of eight' tubing used on the forks and chainstays. Also fitted with a very wonderful saddle. A shame that the fabric chain guard is slightly torn and that the celluloid panels have rotted away on it but otherwise the Ariel should come up very nicely in its original livery for the new owner.

Suffragettes' delight. Edwardian Ariel cycle.

Canvas and celluloid chainguard.

Note unusual tube profile. Unusual to fine the original skirt
guard complete.

Wonderful. The Dunlop Tyre.

And those strangely profiled forks. Reminiscent of Humber
twin tube forks but made from one piece of metal.

Forks bottoms. Beautiful piece of craftsmanship
how the tube profile blends down in to a
regular oval type fork.

Ornately tooled saddle.

Such detail!

Not sure of the brand of saddle but here is a maker's mark.

And another mark t'other side.

Really a very fine saddle!

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