Monday, January 14, 2019

Bultaco Sherpa in Caracas

Thanks to Michael Silvius up in Maine, US for getting in touch after seeing the post on the Montesa 348 that I used to ride around on stirred up a few of his own memories. He forwarded a link to this image taken in his native Caracas circa 1978 when he was 16. I never knew this but trials were apparently very popular in Venezuela back then.

After seeing this photo I just had to ask permission to reproduce it on the blog as it is just brilliantly evocative of an era and straight up cool too. So, thanks Michael for making contact and thanks for letting me post up your picture.

Michael keeps his own blog: - it's a good read so if you've got some spare time take a look.

Playing for the camera on a Bultaco Sherpa T in
Caracas back in '78.


  1. Spaniards were big into trials riding and still are today. The Three big names in trials at the time were Montesa, Ossa and Bultaco, all Spanish firms. Having a large number of Spanish expats living in Venezuela at the time it was a natural thing that the sport would have a presence. Just on my street there were four trials riders, so naturally I gravitated to it. They being older than me took me under the wing and showed me the ways.

    1. Great skills to learn as a youngster. Do you still ride off road today?
      In the UK trials riding is traditionally a winter discipline and all about cold and mud. It is hard to imagine folks in warmer climes riding trials!

    2. It has been at least 25 years since I owned a bike. I have not ridden off road since I left Venezuela back in 1980. Did buy a 75 Suzuki TS250 when I got here but never really used it off road. Last bike I owned was a 78 Kawasaki SR650. I was living in the city here in Portland ME and lost my nerve to ride in traffic. And did not have a good place to keep it, so I gave it away. I do regret letting that one go. I keep toying with the idea of getting another Bultaco. There is a Maine group of classics Trials bike riders that I think might be fun to join. But at this point it is only foolish thoughts of reliving my youth as there are way to many other troubles on my plate. Just spent the better part of four hours digging us out of an 18 inch snow fall. And its 12 below zero C today. Here in Maine you only get about three months of decent motorcycle weather. Almost not worth the trouble.

    3. Beautiful part of the world to ride though Maine when the weather is favourable. Lots of nice back roads and dirt roads. I've got a friend who lives near Skowhegan, he logs and resides in a cabin a good way off the public highway. I hear what you are saying about the harshness of the winters.