Friday, December 29, 2017

Trans Africa on a 1955 Royal Enfield Bullet

A couple of friends have recently asked what has happened to the blog of my Trans Africa trip undertaken 10 years back. Well, it's still out there but the url has recently changed. There's now a link embedded in the right side bar of this blog for quick reference. For some strange reason in my browser you cannot get all the entries unless you sort them newest to oldest but it is all still there....

Just re-read it all. On second look there are some spelling clangers - it was all written on the fly in internet cafes pre-dating modern travels with laptops and always online gadgetry so apologies for that. An 18 month trip was digested in to 22 short entries but perhaps the brevity is its saviour. If you do take a look I hope you enjoy.

Corrugations on the Nile route south in Sudan. An arduous
journey which I believe is now paved all the way thanks to
Chinese investment.

Sudan Nile route again.

Egypt, The Sinai.

A sand road somewhere between Congo and Gabon.


  1. Thanks for posting the link, I really enjoyed reading through it. I have a BSA B32 which I am planing on riding to the Stella Alpina next year. I was worried about the reliability of the magneto but by the sounds of it your's coped very well with a far tougher trip.

    1. In my experience a good thing about magnetos, unless they have been standing for a very long time unused, is that if they fail they will do so very slowly and give you plenty of notice with poor starting etc. There may be a few push starts but they will usually get you home. Have never done the Stella Alpina myself, would love to one day. Enjoy!