Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ag200 - no lights in the darkest month

I've perhaps rashly entered the AG bike in to the Motorcycling Club's Exeter Trial which always runs on the first Friday after New Year. The bike has received a few minor upgrades the last few days, more are planned but I thought I had better take it out for a short test ride....

The light is low but the AG bike is hi vis!

Not designed to blend in.

Cheap Chinese brush guards fitted to keep the wind off my
hands, protect them and hopefully help me stay a bit warmer
on the trial. They are awful quality and made of 'monkey metal'
aka mazac. One of the brackets broke as I tightened it up. Also
fitted is a route holder and sat nav bracket.

I wanted to see if the charging was working ok. Sadly it isn't

The new 6v Motobatt battery was drained flat at about 30
minutes of lights on riding. This bike has truly the worst
lights of any motorcycle I have owned (including a D1 BSA
Bantam which is like a floodlight in comparison). Some work
needed here.

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