Friday, December 1, 2017

BSA Bantam clutch compression tool

Compare and contrast, to the left the modern BSA Bantam clutch compressor and to the right the MCE compressor from back in the day. One of these works properly and one barely at all, guess which is which!

I was lucky enough to pick up the MCE one recently for a snip on ebay, they usually go for more than the retail of the new version. There is of course a reason for this, the new one is too flimsy and the arms spread at the least provocation. Added to this the arms are bolted on, it is nigh on impossible to get them tight enough and they are liable to let go just at that crucial moment.

Using the MCE tool is a joy and the new imposter the absolute opposite. I could have offered the now redundant new model up for sale but to save anyone else the experience it went in the scrap metal bin instead. If you have a Bantam do yourself a favour and seek out the MCE version, it is definitely worth the small extra expense. 

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  1. Marvelous to see such a stark comparison proving what we all know: they don't make 'em like they used to. I'm happy to say that most of the tools I own are ones my Dad gave me. They never let me down, where the new stuff I've purchased may well fail. And, often, when you look at the broken bits in your hand, you realize "This could never have worked."