Tuesday, July 18, 2017

VMCC Wessex Vintage and Veteran Shillingstone Station Run

Spot on Summer's weather on Sunday for an amble around the Dorset countryside on vintage machinery. I gave my Triumph N an outing, it's slowly becoming a dependable favourite and gave a good showing of itself being the only bike to do the run two up (Ian's Morgan just doesn't count and has ten times as many horses...)

Start and finish was at the Shillingstone Station project with the run heading up into North Dorset. A fine and goodly selection of bikes turned up including three veterans.

Ian's recently acquired and very, very lovely Morgan Aero
two speeder. The motor fitted is a new Cameron Engineering
job offering out something like sixty horses. The original side
valve lump is kept paired with the Moggy. 

Morgan Aero cockpit.

And another view.

Finally the full trike.

Late twenties AJS twin. 

Pre-war BSA model designations are a
minefield. I think this is a B30-4 from 1929?

'29 Norton Model 18.

Sunbeam Model 9.

Gabby's highly covetable Coventry Eagle.

Ivy and Coventry Eagle in the Talbot's car park.

Close up on the veteran Ivy twin.

Veteran Triumph stands sentinel.

Close up on veteran Douglas business end.

Back to Gabby's Coventry Eagle.

On the way home I passed by a small steam
enthusiasts gathering. This Model T pick up
was with them.

Apparently a local enthusiast had a big 65th birthday party
and a few guys with tractors and engines turned up to help

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