Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Proper cycling attire

Many thanks to James Kelly for lending this old photo to be scanned and posted. Not a lot I can say about it apart from the cycle appears to date from the late 1890s and the chap astride it is possessed of some high level sartorial elegance. There are just not enough cyclists wearing bowler hats these days.


  1. Oil lamp lighting, certainly an expensive accessory, and fenders. But no chain guard, so pants legs appear tightly wrapped around ankle.

  2. bicycle trouser clips. do you not have them in USA?

    1. I'm sure I could find them. It's just interesting to me that while many other biking accessories made their appearance early (fenders, lighting), chain guards seem not to have been considered necessary until a bit later.

    2. check out Sunbeam bicycles then.
      Chaincase or not Bicycle clips were essential wear for the Bicycling English gentleman. unless of course he was wearing plus fours.
      seach Elgar/Sunbeam for some good pics.

    3. Thank you. I do like a nice oil bath.