Friday, July 7, 2017

The two hundred quid Kwacker

Sometimes a bike comes your way that just seems to good to refuse. Thanks to a contact on a vintage bicycle forum I was offered this Kawasaki. At first it didn't arouse too much interest in me but when I heard the price I though why not. I've never worked on a Japanese four before and it would be fun to give it a go.

Classic and vintage motorcycling sometimes takes stick for being an expensive hobby so I thought I could see how cheaply it can be done. The Ninja is from '89 and at 28 years old is legible for Vintage Motorcycle Club runs. It's not got the cachet of a GPZ900 but the ZX6 600cc Ninja is a classic in its own right and the styling is pure eighties.

The aim is to resurrect the bike which is a good, unmolested example on a reasonably low mileage (25k) for a budget of £5 per bhp and end up taking it touring. At 80bhp that works out at £400 so, as long as I can wake the engine form its five year slumber fairly easily, that gives me £200 to spend on tyres, battery and odds and sods.

First stop will be a quick check over, fresh fuel, lots of easystart spray, jump leads and crossed fingers....

1989 ZX6 Ninja.

Pure eighties, even down to dodgy 16 inch wheel size.


  1. Never been on one but it looks as though sitting in it might be like putting your balls in a vise. On the up side, it appears that it would force your female passenger to turn herself into a human back pack to avoid flying off. Enjoy!

    1. I don't think I'll be persuading my better half to ride pillion on this one. Like myself she is fairly tall and would loom over me like a praying mantis!