Saturday, April 22, 2017

Velocette factory option pannier frame

Velocette were unusual amongst British manufacturers in offering their very own design of pannier frame and rack rather than relying on something off the shelf from the aftermarket guys.

The Velo rack is a proper job, slimline and sturdy. The Velocette Owner's Club have offered a repro one for a while but I am a tightwad and a lover of genuine old parts so kept my eyes open. Finally good ol' fleabay came up with the goods for a reasonable price. I paid, it arrived and, as described, was somewhat moth eaten on the plate steel channels that run along the bottom rails. Then, of course, within a week another set came on the market, also at a very reasonable price but in great condition...

Not to worry, I stuck with what I had got. I cut the old channels out and passed the frames on to my father who, with considerably finer sheet metal skills than I, had kindly agreed to bend up new channels and braze them in. Job done and off to the local powder coating guys.who did a decent job of blasting and painting them within a week (thank you PMA / United of Sturminster Marshall).

With a few new nuts, bolts and washers the pannier frames bolted on nicely. I tried them out first with a pair of ex-RAF canvas knapsacks from the early fifties but they were slightly too 'flappy'. My memory turned to a pair of leather panniers that I had bought years ago at Moto Legendes because they were just so lovely but had never gotten round to using. They needed a little bit of drilling (they are aluminium backed) and a couple of clips and are just the job - I believe they are ex-French Police panniers. 

Job done, more than happy with the result and now ready with some period luggage to ride over to the Vintage Revival at Montlhery next month.

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