Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sammy Miller's Museum pt2

More snaps from a recent visit to Sammy Miller's Museum.

Zenith Gradua.

175cc AKD. An unusual engine size for a twenties Brit bike.
Also unusual to be such a sporting lightweight. AKD is
Abingdon King Dick - the same company as made the

Sweet little ohv motor on the AKD. It is
unconventional in having the push rods
behind the motor and parallel valves. Twin
port and outside flywheel add to the sporting

Stanger two stroke v-twin. A real oddity. The brochure is in
the RDM archive here.

Complex leaf spring rear suspension on a
Royal Ruby.

The Museum has a good collection of first
generation scooters from the immediate post
WW1 era. This is a Kingsbury.

Stunning Pierce Arrow 4.

The Pierce's motor.

1920 Velocette Ladies Model.

Whippet scooter 1919.

Close up on the Whippet. Neat little ohv motor.

Gorgeous Henderson.

Another view of the Henderson.

Yes, a good collection of vintage and veteran fours. Here's
an FN.

And the FN's power plant.

1910 Minerva v-twin.

Great front number plate fixing on the Minerva.

And the Minerva in all its glory.

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