Monday, April 24, 2017

Back in Morocco

On holiday in Morocco again and the two wheeler radar is ever on. Motorcycling in Morocco is about as good as it gets if you enjoy touring and hitting the odd gravel road so I've got to admit to some jealousy for the guys and gals getting around by bike as I'm piloting a hire car around.

It's been good to see a number of older bikes getting used as intended, a fair number of airhead BMW GSs out and about plus Africa Twins are perennially popular. On the road we came across three British registered new generation Enfield Bullets on tour plus witnessed the sight of dozens of Monkey Bikes traversing the Northern fringes of the Sahara on the Monkey Run

In terms of local wheels French mopeds are still abundant but are slowly being replaced by Chinese Honda Cub knock offs.  

Honda Africa Twin where it was destined to be.

Modded BMW GS on Dutch plates.

McGregor and Boorman wannabees this is a
proper BMW GS.....

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