Monday, March 6, 2017

New Hudson Autocycle 1956

Brochure for the New Hudson autocycle. 1956 was the year the New Hudson Autocycle was revamped and given cleaner, more enclosed bodywork. Production continued until 1958 when Villiers dropped the 2F engine that was fitted to the New Hudson from their range. New Hudson was actually part of the bicycle division of BSA. It could also be that BSA discontinued the Autocycle and did not seek a replacement motor for the Villiers as during the end of it's production run the Autocycle was competing with BSA's own branded Dandy.


  1. It looks ghastly. The brochure describes the front suspension as tubular, implying it is not the old-fashioned girder design it is. The bulb horn is right out of the 1910s. The seat would be forgivable on a bicycle but clearly suggests, yes, you'd better be prepared to pedal this thing. So, yes, all in all, I want one!

    1. There's a lot of charm for not too much money in old autocycles! Something like riding an early vintage machine but with a lot less maintenance and expense. What made a machine outdated and primitive when it was new constitutes as character now. So, go on, get one!