Friday, March 10, 2017

Back in Japan

I'm back in Japan again for a wee while for work.

Japan remains petrolhead heaven and customising is as popular as ever. Here's a few snaps of bikes parked around and about that are a bit different from those you see at home...

This is the Honda Solo. Looks like a custom but in fact this is as
it comes fully stock. Uses the Cub 50 motor in diminutive cycle
parts with retro styling. Very nice. At 6ft 2 I'd look like I was riding
a clown bike!

Other side of the Honda Solo.

Kawasaki Z400. The 400cc class is one of the most important in
Japan as there are two riders license classes - up to 400 and above.
 250s are also popular - below 250 and you don't need the
biennial roadworthiness inspection. 

Yamaha SRs remain amongst the most popular retros.

There's a strong custom fashion for a hybrid street tracker / sand
bike / hill climber look Tall suspension, wide tyres, high bars,
long swinging arm and bates headlight.

Two wheels, powered or pedal remain incredibly

The Honda Cubra is another retro 50cc Cub variant.
Another sand bike hybrid custom.

Custom super scoots are eternally popular.

This one is mild. Some are totally space age.

Honda Zoomer X update on the cult Zoomer. Personally I
preferred the old Zoomer.

Yamaha Vox retro scoot.

This unfortunate Vox has got a parking ticket. Not totally sure
what went wrong with their parking. Bit out of line?

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