Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Excelsior Universal

Postcard flyer from New York for the Excelsior Universal dating from c1947. The Universal was noteworthy for having a hand change gear lever through the centre of its petrol tank. The motor is a Villiers 9D 122cc.

1947 Excelsior Universal.


  1. Through the center of the tank! You couldn't make this stuff up. Just amazing.

  2. Hi, how do you know that the postcard is from 1947? Do you know if the 1948 model was diferent?

    1. Hi there. Sorry for taking a while to reply. The Universal was introduced postwar in 1946 and continued to 1948 unchanged. In 1949 it got a different motor. 1947 was a bit of guesswork as I believe the model was introduced during 1946 so I made the assumption that it would not have been in stock in the US till 1947. I could well be wrong on that. I don't think there were any changes between '47 and '48 models. Hope that helps, Richard

  3. correct. I know because I have on. A 1948. Belonged ot my grandfather.
    You can guess the year by the serial number on the engine. The later ones, near the end of production of the 9D, has a higher serial number.

  4. I own a 1939 Excelsior Universal with gearbox shifter through the tank. Check this out: