Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kenilworth petrol tank cosmic alignment

Recently a Kenilworth scooter sans petrol tank wondered in to my garage and took up residence. Strangely I had seen a Kenilworth tank on offer at the Great Dorset Steam Fair just a couple of months before and I rued that I did not give in to my hunter gatherer urges felt towards that particular tank. After all it was a very nice tank in very nice condition. I didn't even kid myself that it would come in useful one day, it just seemed like something that you wouldn't see again and might make a pleasant enough ornament. After acquiring the tankless Kenilworth I felt that somehow the gods were playing with me and I was destined never to see the Steam Fair tank again.

And so it was: that particular Kenilworth petrol tank has vanished forever from my life, just a fleeting memory. However in its place, another Kenilworth tank. A very nice gentleman got in touch with me via the previous keeper of the Kenilworth and offered me the below tank for a very reasonable sum. Times like this give you some faith in humanity as I was clearly without Kenilworth tank and dearly in need of same.

Thus the previously incomplete, collect the missing bits, long term project is now fairly complete and has joined the queue of do-able projects vying for attention in my garage. Now if anyone has a spare rear wheel or just rim I would truly believe that miracles do happen....


  1. What is the push-knob thing on the top of the tank? A primer of some sort? Or is it a "float" rod that indicates how much fuel remains?

    1. Hello David. It's the oiling system! The tank has separate petrol and oil compartments. There's no oil pump on the engine so you have to give it a manual pump of oil every few minutes! Have a great Christmas, Richard