Sunday, December 18, 2016

Corgi Mk IV 1952

The Mk IV was the final iteration of the Corgi scooter. Surprisingly a fair bit of effort was made in improvements over the previous versions. A stronger square tube frame, front suspension, a two speed gearbox and legshield were the main alterations. Despite this the main issue was that the Corgi was woefully primitive compared to the offerings from Italy and Brockhouse's Corgi struggled on in production until 1954. These late Mk IVs are now fairly rare and were also available in polychromatic blue and bronze in addition to the traditional black with burgundy tank. A good number were exported to the States and sold as Indian Papooses. A slightly undignified offering for the once great Indian brand. Don't ever confuse Corgi's with the military Welbike, Corgi's were never used by the military as parabikes despite some folks' penchant for restoring them in military drab... 

Unusually this brochure has the spec sheet translated in to both French and Spanish. 

Mk IV Corgi brochure 1952 front cover.

Mk IV Corgi brochure 1952 inner pages.

Mk IV Corgi brochure 1952 rear fold.

Mk IV Corgi brochure 1952 rear fold.

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