Wednesday, December 14, 2016

JAWA 354/04 1958

As a motorcyclist living in the Soviet Union you may not have had a huge variety of bikes to choose from but at least they came in nice colours and were promoted with shiny brochures (for consumption in the West at least). What's more is that during the fifties a Jawa was a match for any machine of similar capacity from Britain, it was only through the later sixties and seventies that Eastern Bloc designs began to stagnate. Styling of the Jawa was spot on trend (Edward Turner even 'borrowed' the Jawa headlamp nacelle design for his postwar Speed Twin) and the bikes were a model of rugged, reliable simplicity combined with decent performance. Alas though, even with all they had to commend them, Jawas never sold in great numbers in the UK in the fifties.

Jawa 354/04 350cc two stroke twin, 1958.

Jawa 350cc tech spec.

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  1. Always known as 'J oined A ltogether W ith A raldite'