Friday, August 12, 2016

The Graham Walker Memorial Run 2016 pt2

More snaps from the Graham Walker. Excuse the lack of more precise bike details in some cases - I forgot to take a programme home with me...

1939 Scott Clubmans Special recently put back
together and on the road from being a box of
bits for the last 50 years.

Plunger rear suspension on the Scott Clubmans Special.

Typical French style on a Stylson.

Detail on the Stylson with Blackburne engine.
Neat pressed steel valve and pushrod cover.
Visit this site for more info on Stylsons (in French).

Zenith 680.

Zenith 680 carrying the 'Barred' trademark on its oil tank. The
trademark was earned after the early Gradua models were
excluded from many competitions due to their dominance over
single speed machines.

This Martynside was a personal favourite at the run.

Inlet over exhaust engine of the Martynside.

A remarkably feeble looking front anchor on
the Martynside.

And for good measure one more view of the
Martynside's motor.

Always love a vintage Norton.

It seemed to be the year of the New Imperial. There were
several there including a couple of very desirable v-twins.
What struck me about the twins was that they both had
rather unusual exhausts - both were quirky designs but
in different ways. 

Here's the full view of that particular New Imp.

And here's the other one. Very similar....

But this one's cast aluminium silencer box wraps around the

Another New Imperial, this one beautifully unrestored.

A fine patina.

Veteran Pivot.

The Pivot from slightly further afar.

1902 Clement Garrard. Ridden to the event from the Isle of
Wight. Well done sir!

Clement Garrard close up.

And the motor of the Clement Garrard.

Rider in period gear too!

Rudge Multi.

Typical unusual rear wheel spoke pattern
of an early Rudge.

Here's the 'multi' bit of the Rudge.

And the lever that makes it all happen.

Detail of a two stroke Ivy.

And a full view of the Ivy.

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