Monday, August 8, 2016

The Graham Walker Memorial Run 2016 pt1

I had been planning to ride across to Ireland for the very excellent Powers the Pot Royal Enfield Rally but the trip fell through at the last minute. Not to worry, there's plenty of events in the calendar August time and I've wanted to attend the Sunbeam MCC's Graham Walker Run for a good while. Sadly I was a bit late to get an entry in but spectating seemed like a good option.

Not having been to the run before I arrived nice and early at 10am expecting the traditional old bike run 11am start. Not so the Graham Walker, it kicks off at 1.15pm. The weather was however fine and the extra time gave plenty of opportunity to have my fill of ogling bikes and nattering about same with entrants.

A fine turnout of pre-1940 machinery with the oldest bike dating back to 1902. The flat countryside around the New Forrest National Park and the blanket 40mph speed limit makes for ideal territory for early bikes and it was great to see so many out. I was rather jealous not to be riding and hopefully I can return with a suitable bike next year...

Kenilworth Scooter. Early scooters are fascinating things, lots
of original design and thought to be seen (not all of it good!)
Survival rate is surprisingly high though they are seldom seen
out on the road nowadays. This Kenilworth gets regular airings
and seems to be as practical as a early scoot can be.

The small ohv motor on the Kenilworth is a
sweet looking unit. Note that the pushrods are
lock-wired so that they are not lost if one pops
out. I like the way that the bike has been restored
but the tank left original.

Veteran Sun with Precision motor.

A brace of very delectable Brough SS80s.

Of course I wouldn't say no to any Brough but the late vintage
SS80s with the Bentley and Draper spring frames are my
personal favourites.

Off-side view of the B&D framed Brough.

Manual headlight dip and distinctive Harley-
derived Castle forks.

T'other Brough (a slightly earlier SS80) sporting a Binks
'rat trap' carb.

Rider's view of the SS80.

And the JAP power plant. The exhaust cooling rings are a
practical and distinctive feature.

Motive force behind a Phoenix forecar.

Some complicated controls on the Phoenix.

Fantastic to see a forecar out and about.

And one more view of the Phoenix for luck.

'Triumph Rennovated' transfer on a Model H denoting an
ex-military bike spruced up before sale on to the public
after the War.

Lovely spare drive belt case on the Model H.

The Model H sounded as sweet as it looked.

BSA G-14.

The G-14 motor.

Norton CS1.

Scott Two Speeder.

Plenty of chains amidships on a two speed Scott!

The Scott sports an aftermarket 'Paramount'
cylinder head conversion. Scotts of that
period came as standard with a non-detachable

Two stroke New Hudson clearing its lungs out.

Another Bentley and Draper framed Brough SS80.

A novel feature on the B&D SS80s is the twin
exhausts and cross style tailpiece.

The JAP motor at the heart of the SS80.

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