Thursday, August 4, 2016

Haynes Museum British Motor Scooter Exhibition pt1

Massive nerd that I am I got quite excited when I heard about the British Scooter Exhibition opening up at the Haynes Museum. I got the chance to visit recently and it did not disappoint; there are several real rarities and oddities to be found there. By the nature of it, it is not a huge exhibition but well worth visiting none-the-less. Below a selection of the gems to be seen at Sparkford...

DMW Bambini.

Britax Scooterette.

The Britax Scooterette was powered by the Ducati Cucciolo
cyclemotor engine.

The Britax Scooterette used the same running
gear as the 'Hurricane' racer and 'Standard'
models. That huge front mudguard and fairing
hides a girder fork and the whole lot moves up
and down with the fork.

Scooterette and Bambini together.

Dayton Flamenco and Sun Wasp.

Dayton Flamenco.

DKR Defiant and Mercury Pippin.

Close up on the Pippin. There's 98cc of Villiers power
lurking beneath those panels!

DKR Defiant again. Like the Dayton Flamenco
and Sun Wasp 197cc Villiers powered.

Piatti scooter. You see a surprising number of
these around in virtually unused condition.
They have the reputation of being one of the
worst scooters ever made. See the MopedArchive
for more info.

A Kieft. See for more info.

My favourite in the exhibition, the Harper
Scootamobile. Made by the Harper Aircraft
Company and designed by Spike Rhiando.
Mr Rhiando attempted to ride the prototype
Scootamobile to Cape Town. A journey that
was abandoned somewhere in the Sahara.

The Harper Scootamobile flanked by a Douglas Vespa and
a Mercury Dolphin.

Swallow Gadabout to the fore and Brockhouse Corgi aft.

The Gadabout was made by Swallow who were more famous
for coach building and sidecars.  

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