Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pioneer Run 1956 /1957 pt1

I recently came across a series of images from the Pioneer Run dating from 1956 / 57. Many of these machines were already 50 years old back then. Interesting how the accent of the Run was on really early machinery though the cut off date of 1914 was the same as it is today. I wonder how many of these bikes are still making the annual pilgrimage to Brighton?

There is a note on this image that says 1909 Motosacoche
but that is plainly wrong. The machine is far earlier, c1901
and is perhaps a Werner?

1904 Kerry. I believe this machine is still around and

Not too sure of the identity of this machine.

Beautiful Henderson 4.

Motosacoche circa 1909.

Victoria 1902 146cc

1904 BAT 482cc

Unidentified tricycle. De Dion is the obvious guess.

Rex fore-car 1903 550cc

Royal Enfield makes it to Madeira Drive.

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