Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Moto Legendes Dijon 2016 pt4

The final batch of pictures from Moto Legendes.

One of a trio of tastefully cafe racerised sixties BMWs.

This 1929 Model 19 Norton definitely has the
right stuff.

As does this TT model Triumph.

Beesa Gold Star / B34 bitsa has character.

Proper French eccentricity. Velosolex with knitted accessories.

Another view of the brilliant knitted Velosolex.

Can't be too clever when it gets hot!

Loved this period Italian modded Triumph Tiger 100.

Lovely little Gilette two stroke triple.

Such is the scene for pukka vintage race machinery at Dijon
that plenty of folks brings there bikes over from neighbouring
countries. This New Imperial was over from the UK.

Have to admit I don't know the marque but what
a peculiar motor. It's a two stroke and the carb
seems to feed through the crank. Could it be
disc valve? The oil compartment is built in to the
engine and the unit clamps on to the frame.

Cushman scooter is a rare sight in Europe.

Even rarer is a Japanese Rikuo. The Rikuo was a licensed
Harley copy.

Another view of the Rikuo.

Equally rare is this US export market Velocette Viper 21 Sports.

A trio of Aermacchis

Sweet Harley JD racer.

Heavily modded Motosacoche racing combo.

'Stovepipe' model Nimbus.

Dohc Moto Morini.

Nearside view of the Morini.

And the Morini in its full glory. Beautiful.

BMW R65 monkey bike!

Harley bitsa racer looked right.

Tatesfully modded Moto Morini 3.5.

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