Monday, September 28, 2015

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Bournemouth

Nowt more than a selection of snaps from this year's excellent Bournemouth Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. The sun shone, the bikes many and diverse, a sweet route through the best of Bournemouth and a good time had by all. Many thanks to the organisers.

ex WD BSA B40. In these days of shiny
restorations or 'original paint' authenticity
a bike like this is a breath of fresh air. It drew
a crowd and more interest than any catalogue
spec bike.

Beemer airhead customs are still rolling out of
sheds the world over. This one though broke the
usual brat style mould nicely. There's a definite
metal flake revival around the corner...

Sweet Ducati single.

Pre-ride briefing on Poole Quay.

Brilliant custom Vespa 'Scootercar'.

Distinguished indeed. Cammy Norton.

Meriden Triumph on Bournemouth sea front.

Line up of machinery by the beach.

MV tribute bike. Tax in post note is a nice piece of nostalgia
these days.

Triumph desert sled replica.

Desirable BSA Rocket III.

Triton and dapperness at Highcliffe Castle.

New Norton, old Greeves and red leather.

Triumph chop at the Castle.

Rode behind this righteous Shovelhead chop
for a while and it sounded good. 

Scootercar again. Really loved this device.

Drivers / riders seat on the Scootercar.

Another unusual Vespa custom. This one kind of Gotham
City / American Gothic inspired.

A lot of work went into this and the scootercar.

Nice YouTube clip by the Mother Ukers - the band
played at the finish at Sammy Millers. It's worth checking out

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