Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Grom Motorcycle Museum, Vransko, Slovenia part II

More pictures from the Grom collection in Slovenia....

Apologies for the poor photography here but I'd never seen one
of these before so thought it was worth including. An American
Salsbury Autoscooter.

A mighty beast. Polish Sokol v twin. This is one
of the collection's regular riders. Normally with
a sidecar it was detached at the time of visit
and undergoing some attention.

Weird and wonderful French built Majestic from the late
twenties undergoing restoration. 

Late thirties NSU two stroke.

1938 Zundapp DB200.

Slovenian pride is represented at the museum by a number of
Tomos machines. Some road but also a collection of 50cc
racers. This is a Colibri VS50 from 1957.

Tomos Colibri T12 from 1967.

1929 NSU 201R in the background. Typical fine unrestored
condition of much of the machinery in the collection.

I love this bike and it's not just personal vanity over the name.
It's rare, it's unusual, it's red and the condition is perfect.
250cc Miller made in Balsano, Italy.

That Miller again. 

Something very appealing about this little machine. A 1924
Atala made in Milano.

Absolutely wonderful MV Agusta Monoalbero

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