Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scorpion GP5 Racer, Scrambles Special and Avenger Scrambler 1965

The Scorpion brochure for 1965. As far as I know the GP5 racer never made it to market. Scorpion claimed to have developed their own engine, though I believe it was a development of the Alpha motor. There's not much info to be found on Scorpion but it seems that only Villiers engined models actually went into production. Trials models with Villiers engines and a box section frame were produced in 1964 and it seems that Scorpion stopped production in 1965. There was a trials model that was sold for restoration at the Bonhams Banbury sale a couple of years back so there is at least one survivor of the marque.

Scorpion brochure front cover.

Scorpion brochure page 1.

Scorpion brochure page 2.

Scorpion brochure rear cover.

Scorpion price list 1965.

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