Saturday, January 17, 2015

Exeter Trial 2015 pt 2

Big thanks to Dan for a whole load more pics from this year's Exeter Trial.

Gathering at Sparkford for the start.
Matt with his Yamaha TTR250 and Dan's Bullet.

Capturing the spirit of a night section.

Ready for the off. Section start at night.

Matt and his Yam again.

Queuing at a holding point.

Lovely Dellow trials car.

Nice to see a flat rad Morgan being used as its maker intended.

MZ at the finish at the Trecarn Hotel.

Volvo, a big heavy beast of a car to take up the hills.

Modified Hillman.

You used to see a lot of Mazda MX5s out and about. Where
have they all gone? Here's one that's been used in a way
Mazda probably didn't envisage.

Triumph TR and Liege(?).

Austin Seven showing it's diminutive scale.

AJS long distance trials iron.

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