Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting ready for the Dragon Rally

As they say there's nothing like being prepared. And stripping the Bullet at the eleventh hour is indeed nothing like being prepared at all. With the bike slightly tired after the Hardy Trial and needing some remedial work I've just started tweaking it for the Dragon.

The Bullet isn't my first choice of bike for the Dragon, I'd have a far more comfortable ride on the BMW but with it looking like it will get properly cold and perhaps snow the Bullet is the only option.

Post Hardy Trial the compression was low, the forks leaky, the kick start return spring didn't and the gearing low.

First job new fork seals, easy enough but on drifting the new seals in the left hand fork leg seal housing cracked. At least it is a Bullet and spares are quick and cheap to get. 

The head came off and was examined. The exhaust valve wasn't sealing properly so out came the grinding paste.

Just the gearing and an MOT left to do now....

The headless Bullet. Often Bullet heads that have been on
for a while are tricky to remove. One tip is to take the exhaust
off, remove all the head bolts and then prime the carb, switch
the ignition on and give it a kick. The explosion will break the
head gasket seal and lift the head a centimeter or so.

Going old school with lapping the exhaust valve. A small
rotary wire brush on a cordless drill is just the thing to clean
carbon off the valve so that the grinding rod can get a
grip on it.

Head back on and compression restored. Another tip is to
use Dowty washers on the oil pipes. 100% leak free

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