Sunday, December 14, 2014

1938 Norton Model 50

I originally labelled this Norton photo as a thirties Model 18. Many thanks to Karl who mailed to give the correct identification as a Model 50 from 1938. Apparently the Model 50 has a different oil tank and can also be spotted from the number of fins on the barrel and head. Enclosed valves were introduced in 1938 as was a revised timing case. The final indicator for the '38 model year is the lack of oil tell-tale. The reason he can be so sure of the model and year? He owns a '38 Model 50 himself. Many thanks Karl for getting in touch.

1938 Norton Model 50.


  1. have started restoring a awful beat up rusty filthy 1938 mod 50,have set a 1955 498 cc engine in frame and building rear engine plates, and magneto mounting plate. engine is in a forward angle but so far everything lines up. need an oil tank and rear mudgurad end piece. anyone have any bits for sale? also frame has drilled holes under gearbox ?? center stand??
    cheers, leon

    1. Hi Leon, thanks for the comment. Sounds like an interesting project you've got on your hands. I used to have a few pre-war Norton spares but I passed them on a while back. There does seem to be a decent amount of parts around for late thirties Nortons, a lot of it is interchangeable with the WD 16H which helps I guess. Try sending a picture of your project and a plea for parts to John at the Vintage Norton Motorcycles blog (link to right). Pretty sure he would publish it and you've a good chance of getting a response for your spares needs. Cheers, Richard