Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Rallies 2014 / 2015 season

It's time for the annual winter rally call to arms. Time to dig out those handlebar muffs, fill up a hip flask, head off into the icy gloom to stand around a bonfire in the company of fellow lunatics with the fortification of strong spirits.

As in previous years here's a list of established winter rallies, a couple I know to be good from personal experience, others I have heard good things about.

Here's the disclaimer: this is just a list I've compiled to help out fellow enthusiasts, check out all the dates and details for yourself before heading off. Most events listed are ticket in advance only. Don't take winter riding lightly, prepare your bike properly, ride in decent kit and have a contingency...

If you got rally details from here and attended how about sending in some photos.


Altes Elefantentreffen. 20 to 22 Febraury 2015, Nurburgring Germany. Confusingly the'Old Elefant rally' is in fact the upstart new Elefant Rally and held at the Nurburgring.

Elefantentreffen / Elefant Rally. 31 January to 1 February 2015 Loh/Thurmansbang-Solla near Passau, Germany. The original Elefant Rally.

Dragon Rally. 7 & 8 February 2014, Wales. The British Elefant and a grand tradition.  

Force Ten Rally. 2 to 4 January 2015, Warwickshire, UK. Mayflower MCC.

Rallymans Rally. 9 to 11 January 2015, Airedale, Yorkshire. Dean Valley MCC

Hot Rod Rally. 23 to 25 January 2015. Holland. BSA OC.

Kickstart Rally, 23 to 25 January 2015. Cirencester. Ogri MCC

Krystall Rally. 11 to 15 February 2015, Rondablikk Høyfjellshotell, Kvam, Norway. Just because it is in a hotel don't think that this is an easy option. Temperatures this time of year can drop to minus 20 degrees.

Primus Rally. Last weekend in February 2015, Velmunden near Bjøneroa, Norway. This is the hardcore of all winter rallies and not to be attended lightly...

Wild Boar. 29 January to 1 February 2015. Cantabria, Spain. MC Piston

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