Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moto Piston Rally Santander 2014 pt 5

Wednesday and the last day of the three day Picos tour. We left Potes and rode in a roundabout way back to Santander. More fantastic quiet roads and amazing views. Strongly recommend this event, it's pretty much as good as classic biking gets.

Viewpoint early on in the day.

BMW parked up taking in the scenery.

There was a strong contingent over from the Aermacchi Club
of Holland. They brought with them some very tidy machinery,
this particular steed being one.

Harley Davidson badged Aermacchi.

This particular Aermacchi was a very effective noise generator.

Ariel Square Four swinging arm special. A
beautifully executed machine, I believe the frame
is from a Huntsmaster twin. It looked like a factory
job, the only slight giveaway is that when you
look closely the downtube has been slightly bent
forwards to accommodate the bulkier motor.

All parked up for a coffee stop.

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