Monday, October 13, 2014

Maple Motorcycle Jeans review

Lucky man that I am my wife bought me a pair of these last birthday. It was several months ago now and I've been wearing them since. As far as I know these are the first motorcycle jeans out there that look completely like normal jeans, and damned good ones at that. The price isn't low but neither is the quality, the denim is heavyweight and they are made in the US. The kevlar lining covers all the vital areas and the cut of the jeans is long and relatively high waisted so that they sit around your boots whilst you are sat on the bike and there is no trace of builders bum as you lean forward.

I wore them throughout most of the Moto Piston Santander Rally. The weight of the denim combined with the kevlar lining means that they keep the chill off nicely. They're pretty much just right for three season riding trousers, on the very hottest days you might be a bit too warm off the bike but then again you will be in most other motorcycle legwear too and how many of those days do we get in the UK!

There are two styles: the '1941' straight cuts which have a cinched waistband and the '1979' which is a tighter fit on the leg. Both have eyes for wearing braces. I went for the 1979s. Maple claim that their fit is 'true size' meaning that there is no generosity of cut. If it is a 36 waist that is exactly what it is: most clothing manufacturers give a little bit extra on fit so that we feel better for ourselves in the shop trying them on. I usually take a 34 waist but with Maple was a 36. The good thing is that service was excellent and they had no problems with me sending back to replace with another size, they even sent a couple of pairs on trust so that I could choose the one I wanted and return the other. Pay heed to what they say and measure your waist before ordering...

Overall, excellent jeans that have been thoughtfully designed with an eye for detail, well made, good protection and most importantly look great.

Have a look at the Maple site.

Maple 1979s (not yours truly modelling!)


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