Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oldtimer Motoren Museum Oudenburg Belgium pt 2

More pictures of exhibits from Johan Schaeverbeke's excellent Oldtimer Motoren Museum.

1920s FN motorcycle
Magnificent FN.

FN motorcycle
Nice detailing on early post war FN. Even the Bowden levers
are logoed.

Hulsmann motorcycle with Villiers engine
A Hulsmann with Villiers 197 engine. A fairly
generic bike in design but I'd never even heard
of the marque before let alone seen one.

Gillet Herstal motorcycle
Gillet Herstal looking very much like a DKW RT125 clone,
the same as a BSA Bantam or MZ. I can't find any info on-line
to back this up though.

Ducati 48 Sport
Ducati 48 Sport in original paint.

Guiletta and Flandria sports mopeds
Racey fifties. In the foreground a Guiletta and
behind a Flandria.

Racing moped
Motobecane cycle pacer.

Moussard twenties two stroke
Lovely unrestored Moussard.

La Francaise Diamant ladies machine. Obviously enough a French
machine, La Francaise Diamant were part of the same group as
the Alcyon, Labor, Nervor, Favor and Olympique brands.

Unrestored twenties Motoconfort
Motoconfort in fantastic original condition.

Flandria prototype folding scooter
Prototype Flandria folding scooter.

The museum is a treasure trove of ephemera. 

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