Friday, September 12, 2014

Vintage Bicycling Blog

Content on Red Devil Motors has been growing and growing - 308 posts and counting. Navigation around content on a blog is always a bit of a problem but current content is the nature of the beast. There's the tag cloud on the right hand bar but there are only so many tags you can use before confusion reigns. To cut the story short I've decided to henceforth put all bicycle content on to a separate new blog.

Personally I enjoy running a blog that is so eclectic in nature, however I appreciate that there are not so many folks out there deeply in to both vintage bicycles and motorcycle so it seems like the right thing to do now is to go more specialised.

Vintage Bicycling will follow the same formula as Red Devil Motors - vintage photos and brochures, rides and events, mechanical woes and workshop tales. For now the Red Devil Motors Facebook page is going to stay with both pedals and engines.

Please take a look at

Vintage Bicycling

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