Monday, September 29, 2014

Moto Piston Rally Santander 2014 pt 2

Sunday, I'd thought this was a free day but there was a run organised. A nice bonus. A cracking ride through the mountains, perfectly route marked, that ended up with a paella by the sea. Perfect.

Cafe racer Guzzi. I stood wondering where the battery was and
how the beast is started for quite a while before realising that
it is mounted down low under the swinging arm.

Another view of the Guzzi.

James on the Dommi enjoying a brief return to Brit twins as
a change from Italian iron.

Bultaco and Montesa road bikes at the coffee stop.

I've never seen one of these before. A Puch 75cc Cobra 6c.

Detail on a Ariel Square 4 swinging arm framed
special. The attention to detail is very fine. Take a
look at the drilled through engine plate studs.

Vincent Black Shadow on the road. One of two in the event.

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