Saturday, September 6, 2014

Douglas flat tanker

How did they both get there with the bike when it has no pillion seat? Period photo of a flat tank Douglas. I would guess the model as an EW and the year as 1927 though if there are any Douglas experts out there who know better please comment. The EW was available as a 350 or 600, both fore and aft horizontally opposed side valve twins.

Douglas EW 350 600 vintage flat tank motorcycle
Douglas flat tank EW model.

Douglas EW 350 600 vintage flat tank motorcycle
Same bike different rider.


  1. It is the 350cc EW. The lay of the front brake rod and the gear shift rod indicate it is not an early EW (end of 1925). Yet it has the early style oiling system, a single pipe to the timing chest. So probably a 1926 model. In 1927 they had an improved oiling system with two pipes to the timing chest, and dealers offered kits with a new timing cover and oil pump to upgrade the older, problematic system.

    1. Many thanks for the clarification. Sounds like you know your vintage Douglases. Best wishes, Richard