Thursday, July 24, 2014

Poole Quay Bike Night July 2014

Some beautiful summer evenings we've been having of late but the chance to get to Poole Quay on a Tuesday evening has largely evaded me this season. Managed to squeeze in a fleeting visit with the kids in tow this week though. Not a lot of time to take pictures and the sunny Tuesdays are always packed but here a several machines that caught the eye....

Oldest bike there by margin of a few years but
 not sure of the exact date, certainly late twenties.
Great to see an Indian Scout out and about.
Not something you see out on the road often and in immaculate
condition. A Fantic GT Super Six from around 1977.

Apologies for the ropey quality of the picture. A fine cycle
worth showing though. You don't see many Comet-based
Norvins and few in standard cycle parts. Looks great for it
even if the car alternator sits the category of practicality
rather than aesthetics. This one was so unassuming and
sitting in the shadow of a Brough that few noticed what a
fine machine it is. With Dominator cycle parts you can
name it a Comdom Special rather than Norvin if you care to!

And here's that Brough that cast shade on the Norvin. An
11-50 with optional Bentley and Draper spring frame. I would
say from 1934. Can't say that I've ridden many Broughs to make
a fair judgment on it but from gut instinct this would probably
make the nicest Brough there is for regular use, ease of living
with and practicality. 

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