Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Calne Bike Meet 2014

A quick drive up to Calne last Saturday. Not so many pictures taken as had a junior in tow still not convinced of the joy of two wheels and more interested in play parks and ice-creams.... All-the-same a few snaps of eye-catching machinery.

This Velo caught the eye as it is not black. 'Willow Green' was an
optional colour through the fifties. My own '55 Venom left the
factory gates with a similar colour scheme but someone over
the years had the good sense to overpaint it black! Still, if it
ever needed to be restored I guess I would put it back to green.
Late twenties / early thirties a number of manufacturers were
beginning to offer the option of off-road machines by the
simple expedient of changing front wheel size, fitting knobbly
tyres and upswept pipes. Some cracking looking motorcycles
were the result. This is Sunbeam's offering.

Lambretta Li series rider looking totally the part. Calne Bike
Meet is nothing if not eclectic. The neon yellow bubble
visor is a particularly nice touch.

BSA A65 and Harley Knucklehead were modestly hanging
out together away from other bikes behind the shops.

If there was one machine I could have taken home the
Knucklehead would have been the one.

The amazing shed-built Flying Millyard attracted strong crowds.
It was started up on the kick start and ticked over nicely. Two
Pratt and Witney aero engine top ends on a completely home
made bottom end. Search for it on youtube. It goes nicely!

From the same builder of various multi-cylinder
configurations of Kawasaki two-stroke triples
and other wonderous creations, a close up of
the Flying Millyard engine.

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