Sunday, November 8, 2020

Battlesbridge Motorcycle Museum

It must be a sign of encroaching old farthood that recently I felt a need to return to the place of my studies (Colchester in Essex) to see how the place had changed since I was last there (>20 years, yeesh!) The answer is that I'm really not sure as late forties me has significantly different priorities of where to go and what to see from the early twenties me more concerned with parties and getting high...

The above ramble is leading to breaking the journey home with an impromptu visit to the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre, well worth a visit if you have even a passing interest in old junk. Bimbling around looking at the the myriad of units selling wares that could assist in the ongoing project of further cluttering up an already overcrowded home we stumbled upon the Battlesbridge Motorcycle Museum. Stumbled upon is a bit disingenuous as I already knew of its existence as somewhen in the distant past I had already visited. However the Museum has moved location slightly and was supposed to be closed mid-week. Officially it is only open on Sundays but being an enthusiast run place if any of the volunteers fancy coming along for a while it opens up. A nice informal way to operate but obvs if you are planning a visit on any day but Sunday and have any distance to travel best call in advance to check..

The Museum contains many volunteers' machines and is wonderfully eclectic, there are some bikes of real rarity there too. It is small but they manage to cram in an awful lot of bikes along with a great collection of memorabilia. A visit is time well spent and highly recommended.

This cracking 1930 Panther was parked
outside and offered for sale.

Any Wooler is a special bike but this one
more so than most having been John
Wooler's personal bike.

1928 Norton CS1.

An Evans Power Cycle is a very rare
sight in the UK.

Stacks of bikes!

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