Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Douglas 4hp combination

Here's a big Duggie. As far as I can tell one of the 4hp (600cc) models that was introduced in 1915 in response to the need for a bigger engine for use as a sidecar tug than the popular 2 3/4hp model. The 4hp model was continued through until 1923. Not too sure of the year of the bike in the photo but more than likely it is a post WW1 model (civilian production was paused for the latter two years of the war). 1919 perhaps? The very furry clothing style of the lady aboard the bike seems to be from the early twenties.

Douglas 4hp 600cc and fluffy rider!


  1. Can't let this one pass without noting the rear-view mirror, a somewhat unusual option in this era.

    1. Yes, I guess there was unlikely to be much traffic behind you back then!