Thursday, March 5, 2020

Out and about on the AG bike

A rare day free of rain and it seemed like a good opportunity to give the Yamaha AG its first outing since the Exeter Trial. The going was wet and a few 'water splashes' threatened to swallow the bike but overall very refreshing for bike and rider to get some exercise!

First lane I planned to hit was Pimperne Down.
On arrival I was greeted by this. Tree trunk, big
gate and no explanation. I got my phone out to try
and check if this was legitimate or not and couldn't
find out so headed to the other end of the lane to discover
that it has recently been converted to a restricted byway.
This however doesn't excuse completely blocking it
up in this way. Just another example of lack of funds
and will to keep ancient rights of way open combined
with landowners trying to keep the peasants of what they
think is their land...

At Wyn Green overlooking the Vale of Wardour. Thankfully
this beautiful lane along the Dorset Ridgeway is still open .

Very deep water holes that I had to negotiate my way around.

The pond at Tollard Royal.


  1. They do that a lot up here in wilts, mostly to keep out hare coursers, flytippers and Ikey and his mates, which all are mostly one and the same

    1. Yep there are all sorts of annoying hooligans and other folks frequenting and disrespecting the countryside. To be honest I do sometimes get riled with fellow greenlaners too. There's plenty of motorcyclists go too quick and four wheel drivers ruining tracks.
      There's got to be a better way to keep people in line than closing off ancient rights of way though...